Precision Micro Machining is Owen Industries’ Greatest Strength

While Owens Industries excels in everything CNC machining – from 3 axis milling to sinker EDM – we specialize in ultra-precision micromachining services. Utilizing a combination of machining processes, namely 5 axis milling and wire EDM, there is nothing our micro precision experts can’t achieve. Tight tolerances, exacting accuracies, intricate details, you name it; we’ll machine it to your exact design specifications.

Micro Precision Components for Every Industry

Our highly skilled and dedicated micro precision engineering team welcomes any and all CNC machining challenges. If other machine shops turn you away or disappoint with less than perfect micro precision products, Owens is eager to get your call. We pride ourselves in exceeding the micro cutting capabilities of machine shops across the United States and beyond our borders. Owens Industries serves the micro precision part needs of industries including, but not limited to:

As technological advancements continue across the globe, the demand for micro precision components grows right alongside it. Not all CNC Machining Companies have the equipment, experience, or expertise to get the job done right. Don’t waste your time and money trying out several machine shops and getting the same results. Choose Owens Industries for precision machined components with measurable results and repeatable accuracy.

Micro Machining is our Specialty at Owens Industries

We offer Micro Machining of components, using conventional CNC Milling, super precision turning, sink EDM and wire EDM processes.

Examples of components produced with Micro Machining:

In the medical field: Intra Vascular Scoops, Fixtures for DNA Analysis, Articulators for endoscopic surgical instruments.

In the aerospace field: Miniature focusing components for weather satellites.

Owens’ precision micro machining services produce flawless components with proficient technology and impeccable output. Micro precision Swiss turning, similar to CNC lathing, builds better cylindrical parts, providing faster and more accurate results. It also allows alterations to the machined part, using milling, drilling, and turning. Owens’ precision micromachining is the answer for nearly impossible demands.

Micro CNC Machining EDM Micro Machining Micro Precision CNC Machining Precision Micro Machining

Micro Precision Machining at its Finest

Small and unusual shapes, such as gears or other micron parts requiring detailed intricacies,  need a different type of micro precision machinery; Sink/Plunge EDM. Complex shapes are formed through erosion, caused by a spark between the part being machined and the custom designed electrode of the sinker EDM center.

Well-known Sinker EDM machined materials include:

Micromachining Using Wire EDM Cutting

We offer EDM Micro Machining using state of the art Wire EDM and Sink EDM Machines. Our Wire EDM is capable of .001” diameter cutting wire, offering extremely fine EDM Micro Machining options. In order to achieve true micro machining with EDM, our EDM Machines have 0.1 micron resolution glass scales.

Our Sink/Plunge EDM is also specifically designed for Micro EDM Machining. We are able to produce the finest plunge patterns on our Wire EDM Machines.

Problem Parts? Impossible Components? In a Hurry? We are happy to help!

Get in touch with the experts in micro machining at Owens Industries to get started producing your micro components.

CNC Facility Custom Designed for Micro Precision Parts Manufacturing

Micromachining CNC Company

With today’s precision micro machining technology, Owens Industries dominates the market, continuously finding ways to meet the increasingly difficult to achieve demands of our clients. Intricate shaping, quick turn-around times, and 100% satisfaction in completed micro precision products are just a few of the benefits of trusting Owens with your component design. Our temperature and dust controlled facility ensures our micro machining processes, like 5 axis milling and electrical discharge machining, are completed with the highest precision – producing precision parts to match. When you’re looking for the best in precision CNC micromachining, turn to no other machine shop than Owens Industries!

Contact our Micro Precision Machining Company to discuss your complex components designs today.

Other Precision CNC Machining Services Provided by Owens include:


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Sinker EDM

Wire EDM

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