Lasik Surgery Device Precision Machined Components

Precision CNC medical components

EDM Medical Machining Capabilities

Lasik Eye specialists require perfectly-crafted tools to perform surgery successfully. With something as delicate as the eye being operated on, precision is of utmost importance. When medical component manufacturers have miniature parts requiring wire EDM to achieve the tolerances demanded, they call on Owens Industries. We have the medical micromachining expertise to guarantee precision and accuracy at a higher level. The image above is a perfect example of this. Owens machined every part of the Lasik Surgery Device, excluding the motor.

How Lasik Works

A circular disk is used to suction itself over the cornea of the eye. It’s no bigger than a dime. The suction stabilizes the eye for the incision. Gears lock onto the circular disk, creating a path for the microkeratome (blade) to follow. The microkeratome rapidly moves over the cornea ring and cuts the cornea flap. Once the cornea flap is opened, lasers are used to reshape the cornea, improving sight. The cornea flap is replaced and heals on its own with no stitches needed. Our precision medical components are instrumental for an effective procedure.

Medical Micromachining at its Finest

We pride ourselves in manufacturing the most intricate of medical parts. Our CNC Lathe/Turning Department leaves no room for error as they craft the center bores of the gears within a .0001” concentricity of each other. The pinion gears of the microkeratome are made with our AGIE Sinker Machines, guaranteeing no backlash, or lost motion, in order for the microkeratome to move smoothly. Posts are made with a precision micro boring head, which matches the concentricity of the gears to turn them. Creating the microkeratome cutter head requires AGIE Wire EDM, using a .002” diameter wire. The circular bottom plate requires a micro finish, achieved with our legendary 5 axis CNC milling center.

Owens Industries succeeds when other CNC Machin Shops fail. Trust us to manufacture the most reliable CNC parts for Lasik devices and other custom medical parts and components.


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